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i am fall gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you here next week. week. >> . >> jamie: on fox news watch. >> n.a.t.o. is well suited to coordinating this effort. >> jon: the obama administration says libyan action is now in the hands of n.a.t.o., is that the whole story? the president's plans for that region still unclear. is the president doing anything to get it straet? >> gingrich, palin, bachman, trump and more. the g.o.p. 2012 field of presidential hopefuls gets media attention. is the governor building them up or knocking them down? >> it's demanding that we invade tsunami, i mean--
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>> h.b.o.'s liberal big mouth bill maher sends a vulgar shot at sarah palin. and health care, are the media singing praises or has reality taken hold. when you've been around as long as i have it's very nice to have your work recognized. >> jon: the world and paparazzi lose a classic hollywood star. joining us on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. senior writer at the daily caller, mary katherine. and jim pinkerton new american foundation and new york post columnist kirsten powers. i'm he jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. over time, as codes of law sought to control violence within groups, so did philosophers and clerics and
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statesmen seek to regulate the destructive power of war. the concept of a just war emerged. suggesting that war is justified only when certain conditions were met. if it is waged as a last resort or in self-defense, if the force used as proportional and if whenever possible civilians are spared from violence. >> jon: that's a small portion of president obama's acceptance speech after the won the nobel peace prize in oslo in 2009. now, we pulled that clip for a couple of reasons. one is simply to ask if what he said in that speech is a justification for what we're now doing in libya, jim? >> well, it depends who you ask. i mean, you know, this is such a great illustration of the partisanship on the media, on the whole democrats are for this war and republicans are skeptical.
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i go back to, you know, kosovo when the democrats are for it and go to iraq when the republicans are for it. it seems the media coverage and the commentary seems whether or not this is a just war or not seems to be pret pretty-- >> do you agree? >> no, i think the media has spent the last week trying to figure out what this mission is, what its definition is, what it involves on the part of the american government, who is going to be in charge of it. how long it's going to last, and the obama white house has been stonewalling. i mean, it is unbelievable that the media have been banging their heads against the door, trying to get answers to the questions that americans need unsuccessfully. >> should be the press be calling for more clarity. >> they have been pressing the past week the problem is it sort of snuck up on them. by the way, i'm going to do this in libya. so i think that's part of the issue and i think they asked great questions at the one press conference they were
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given and the one opportunity they were given and president obama is not happy about it. and i do think that the president had president bush tried something this quickly, not informed congress and not done the sort of any consensus building on the home front, that they would be freaking out right about now. >> and president bush 43 did get a declaration from ko congress before he went into iraq and president obama didn't do that. is that the comparison fair? >> i don't think it's fair. as i remember the immediate why were the cheerleaders and going along with the whole thing and the idea that somehow they have freaked out on george bush when he went to war never happened. they didn't freak out. nine months-- >> they wouldn't have freaked out on him. that doesn't happen. like they tend to go along with these things and i think there are a few people who are asking good questions, but for the most part, there's so many unanswered questions and it is questionable whether or not the obama administration will be held accountable for it and i don't think it's because they're democrats. i think it would be exactly
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the same thing if it was a republican. >> i think, also, the left is split on this war. i mean, we don't have a coherent left. >> jon: is it war? >> is it a war or as they call it a kinetic operation? i do not like that term, but, but, andrew sullivan said it was recklessness bordering on bush-cheney, wow. but the heart of the main street media is not left, it's not right. it's in the middle. and falanx what the president is doing. >> jon: why? >> i think they identify with hillary clinton and susan rice and love that story. the women get their war. >> jon: and the media do not seem to be asking the question, why aren't we intervening in libya, why
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aren't we intervening in syria and where the government is also killing their own people. >> and every instance of this is going to be hey, what about these civilians and what about these civilians and that's sort of what barack obama got himself into. ratcheting up the rhetoric in libya, and he must go, must go, and hang yourself on your own petard. >> jon: they suggest it's not a war, in and out in a couple of days. and the press can't keep up with the titles for this thing. >> and now referring to it as a limited intervention with a limited scope. if the immediamedia would look what barack obama said. they can't get authorization unless there's an imminent threat. why he's not held accountable for that.
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i don't pretend to understand. >> you know why he isn't held accountable. >> i reject the idea it's because he's liberal. after watching what happened with the iraq war, there was so little-- >> and the democrats mostly supported vietnam as long as lyndon johnson in the 60's and when richard nixon became president in 1969, they flipped. pretty standard stuff. >> you're not talking about-- if you want to talk about what's happening in terms of the political parties, i agree the republicans coming out now, expressing the skepticism. i don't think would happen if george bush was doing this and the vice versa. >> you can make a lot of the alliance between the reporters and the two parties. one follows the other. >> jon: we have to take a break. first the website, coop keep one eye on the b=
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>> jamie: i want to be clear about that. >> if we look at the decision, it's probably the early part of summer. >> i've always wanted to run, people wanted me to run. the country has never been in shape like it is now. >> i haven't is decided yet. i'm open to it, but didn't rule it in or out.
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>> and the president and the speech, it was asked of you and you mentioned it, where are you on this. >> i'm still not going to close the door at this time. >> we look at this seriously and methodically layout the frame work what we will he' do next. >> you know, no, no decision at this point sean, no announcement to make. >> how about you, are you going it run. >> jon: those are some of the 2012 hopefuls, the question is all of this media examination, is it designed to, you know, help us learn about these candidates or is it designed to sort of tear them down before they get a chance to get their feet on the ground? >> i think it's going to make us want to turn off our testifyin televisions in 2012. boy a long season. opening doors, shutting doors, good time to be interested in foreign policy. >> jon: from, you know something how politics works, jim. from a media standpoint. why are they always so coy?
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why not the say i'm going to run or leaning toward it or something. >> campaign finance laws, kicking in. >> as soon as you say i'm a candidate, unless you're obama. >> in which case, and one of the dogs not barking in this whole election is the campaign finance minister, every other elections going back to 1996 in these things, the media says the republicans have a corporate juggernaut. they're not going to say, and obama will have a billion dollars and one republican with 100 million. >> the people say they say he'll be the first billion dollar candidate. >> right, i could turn that around on you, jim and say why do you care? if republicans say why do you care. if it's a billion dollar and-- >> and the point is, i care because it's a double standard. when it was republicans raising money and it was-- >> i've heard people refer to it and i think we'll hear a lot about it during the campaign and it's hard to
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ignore the fact that he's spending a lot of money and i have a problem with it. i have a problem with that much money in politics regardless of the candidate. >> what about media treatment specifically of donald trump? he is now asking that the president show his birth certificate or suggesting it. >> yes. >> is he getting treated as a serious candidate or is he just getting-- >> he's certainly getting a lot of coverage. i would note that also alvin green got a lot of coverage, hapless senate candidate in south carolina. so i would urge people not to see trump as a symbol of the field. he's going to get coverage and others like tim pawlenty are somewhat less spectacular than donald trump and his hair will get less. >> what i like is people want me to run. who is-- >> i have a twitter follower who wants me to run for president. who wants donald trump to run for president? >> well, even among these potential republican candidates, you know, donald trump is on his what, third
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marriage. nobody seems to care much about that and newt gingrich has been hammered in the press over his third marriage. three marriages. >> and what is interesting is how early that is starting. and the new york times, a not so flattering of haley barbour and gave you the good and bad news and it's starting early. are americans totally turned off by the media coverage by the time they make the announcement? >> most aren't paying attention. but the theater goers and critics, hoping all along that palin is going to run and afraid she won't and might be afraid they'll have to settle for bachman. now, trump has come in to bring light to the media. >> and bring to light by saying crazy i things. >> jon: time for another break. if you see evident of media bias in the news coverage you take in, e-mail us at news
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wat and up next, bill maher and his potty mouth. >> sarah palin finally heard what happened in japan. >> h.b.o.'s trash mouthed host takes a vulgar shot at sarah palin and the national organization of women take their time to react. why the delay? >> i'm-- a true superstar, elizabeth taylor dies, leaving a legacy of films. true hollywood drama and the birth of celebrity paparazzi.
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>> sarah palin, finally heard what happened in japan (laughter) >> and she's demanding that we inside tsunami.
11:50 pm
i mean, she said these tsunamiens will not get away with this. oh, speaking of (bleep) did you-- >> h.b.o.'s bill maher once again taking a shot at one of his favorite targets, former alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate sarah palin, but way over the line referring to her with vulgar language. and the media ignored, and as did now, the national organization of women and when fox asked for a comment now refused saying it's a known fact na now does not correspond with fox news. eventually now came out with this statement, listen progressively men and women, too, cut the crap and stop degrading women you don't like or disagree by using female body terms or other slurs.
11:51 pm
>> i have to say it's a comedian and hard for me to get up and arm for comedians on cable shows saying things. it's not if chris matthews said it i would have a problem with it or somebody, a member of congress, maybe, but i really, i feel like this kind of stuff just gets a little out of control. he is a median who has a lot of crazy stuff. >> jon: what about the national organization for women, obviously, a very serious organization and they say they're not going to respond to fox news and defend a woman who gets called a bleeped word. >> and sexism in this particular instance because bill maher is considered a liberal one of them even though he said the koran is a hateful book or progressives can have him, i don't want him, but i think it's interesting how they backed off and when annoyed finally responded. >> jon: i think the immediate. >> i think the story is the decline of now, back in the
11:52 pm
'70s when gloria steinham said something, it mattered. now you further tell us this-- >> the other thing they're not the national organization for women. this they're a political organization. so people look at them and say how come you're not talking about sarah palin. that's not what they do. they're a political organization focused mostly on reproductive rights. >> in the '70s and '80s, that's not who they are and they need to admit that's not who they are. >> the group evolved and the way we describe and report on them should be evolved as well. >> let's talk health care reform. it's been a year since, well, one year ago this week, the president obama signed the affordable care act into law, one year plus of media coverage, so, has your life changed mary katherine? >> mine has not changed and has not changed the insurance and people worried he when the system got turned upside down and the needle has not moved
11:53 pm
on public opinion and the sweeteners were supposed to come first and not that many people are jumping in and i think the media needs to look at that more. >> that's the question, it doesn't seem like the media really is, explaining what we're doing here. >> what the washington post did was look at the 12,500 people who have joined groups who couldn't get insurance any other way and 3% of those eligible to do so, so, i think what tells us, clearly despite the media effort or because of them, people are confused about what is or is not in this health bill. >> the obama administration chose to describe this as health insurance and the media fell for it. and the quality of medicine in america, do we have a cure or alzheimer's, no, we don't and that's happening independent of the health care debate and what people are worried about is not the health care
11:54 pm
finance, it's medicine and they don't have it. >> jon: we have to take one more break. when we come back, elizabeth taylor and her relationship with the hollywood press. >> elizabeth taylor, an attraction on film and an attraction to the hollywood press. how do today's celebrity scandals compare to her time in the media spotlight? that's next on news watch. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to he of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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you will kneel. >> i will what? >> on your knees. >> dare ask the pro counsel to proroman empire. >> i demand it of you! >> jon: hollywood mega star, elizabeth taylor died because of congestive heart failure. she lived a wild and unbelievable life with her eight marriages to seven men, her off screen life overshadowing her film accomplishments. probably safe to say she helped the celebrity paparazzi become
11:59 pm
what they are today. what about the treatment that she received for some of her antics compared to the hollywood stars of today, lindsay lohans of world. any comparison? >> i think she was grandmother of it all. she started it off. i'm quoting jim pinkerton here. if you want to see the press treats lindsay lohan, look at elizabeth taylor. >> she became famous just to be famous. that was her career. a good career but the last few decades of her life. >> she was beautiful woman with a tragic era and tumultuous personal life. i love the media i wish i could know a little less these days. >> i don't want to be disrespectful but i don't care when ceb

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